Cherry Blossom Bloom Forecast 2018

Come experience Spring in Japan! From late March to early May, the cherry blossom culture of Japan grabs the attention of visitors worldwide as the country is blanketed with the soft allure of their magnificent pink flowers known as Sakura in Japanese.

Annual Limited-Edition Sakura Products

Japanese companies also join in on the Hanami festivities, they blanket the nation in pink with their products and release their limited-edition Sakura merchandise just for the Hanami season. These Sakura related products tend to be very popular in Japan:

Limited edition Starbucks Sakura products

Sakura Sake

Asahi Sakura Beer Theme Change


Sakura Coca-Cola

Sakura Udon

Sakura Taiyaki

Can’t attend this year’s Japan spring festivities?

We will bring the experience to you through the Sakura Box!