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The Disney Japan Box is Finally Here!

The box you have probably been waiting for is finally available on My Japan Box! You can get your monthly dose of Disney thanks to this brand new box with products coming straight from Japan, thus allowing you to get some exclusive products from the Japanese Disney Store. Which one will you go for? The one […]

Wanting to Discover New Tastes? Here is Our Kit Kat Box!

So many Kit Kat flavors are available in Japan! You might want to discover what we have to offer with our Kit Kat box! All of the products are handpicked and shipped to you so that you can enjoy the rare flavors Japan has. Have you ever heard of Kit Kat Ruby, Sublime or Volcanic? […]

My Japan Box is proud to bring to you (soon) its brand new Disney Box

Our team is always willing to find new boxes for you to enjoy the latest and best Japanese trends! Have you ever experienced Disney Japan products? Well you will have the chance to get them on My Japan Box soon! The Disney Box is coming to My Japan Box !⁠ Disney is extremely popular in […]