What is in the box ?

In the box you can find products from Japan selected by our team.
Depending on the box, there are between 5 to 20 items.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! we ship worldwide!

Do I have to pay for shipping ?

No, the shipping fee is already included with the price without insurrance or tracking.
However, insurance, tracking and express delivery is also available as a paid option upon checkout.
The price of options may vary depending on your country.

When will I receive my box ?

Depending on your country it will take 2 to 3 weeks.
All the boxes are sent out at the beginning of the following month.
Only express delivery (extra fee) are sent after you place your order.
If you want to change from free delivery to express delivery, please contact us.

Can you send the box to a different address ?

Yes! As long as you fill in the correct delivery and billing address. If there has been a mistake and the box has already been sent, please contact us immediately.

Can I cancel my subscription ?

Yes! You can cancel your subscription at any time. Please let us know why to help us improve our services.

Will I receive tracking information when my box is shipped?

Yes, you will get your tracking number by email once your box has been shipped if you have choose this option.
Free delivery doesn’t include a tracking number.

Unclaimed boxes

It’s your responsibility to claim the package and provide us with the correct delivery information.

When a delivery is attempted at the address you specified when purchasing one of our boxes and are unclaimed. You will then be informed that it will be held at local post office with details for redelivery. If no effort is made to claim the box for a prolonged period, then it will be returned to us.

If you purchased a box from our food category; products inside are perishable and have short shelf lives. As a result, will have to be disposed of once they’re returned to us.

Therefore, you are required to purchase another box if you want another one for redelivery.

Do I have to pay for shipping in case my package has to be sent a second time ?

Yes, if it were the case that you didn’t claim your package or if you gave us the wrong address, or in case the postal or courier service from your country could not deliver the box for any reason, then unfortunately we ask that you to pay for the reshipping fee as we cannot reship it for free in the event that the package had been sent to the wrong address or returned.

Will my box be shipped on the first day of the month even if I take the express delivery option ?

No, if you take the express delivery option, your box will be sent within 3 working days.

I don't like my box. Can I get my money back?

Our box contents are a surprise each month. As with blind box toys or gachapon, you cannot request a refund or an exchange if you do not like the contents of your crate.

You can however, contact us  to let us know what you didn’t like about the box and what items you would like to see more of. We will gladly take your suggestions into consideration for future boxes.

We are always looking to improve our boxes, so we appreciate constructive feedback!


Use our contact page and we will get back to you shortly.