Wanting to Discover New Tastes? Here is Our Kit Kat Box!

So many Kit Kat flavors are available in Japan! You might want to discover what we have to offer with our Kit Kat box!

All of the products are handpicked and shipped to you so that you can enjoy the rare flavors Japan has.

Have you ever heard of Kit Kat Ruby, Sublime or Volcanic?

The famous chef, Yasunari Takagi, has been in charge of molding the cocoa into the final products!

For the Volcanic Sublime products he even said that they are the “taste of the earth”, definitely worth a try!

Kit Kat Sublime Volcanic

There are so many flavours, you can’t have tasted them all yet! 

We even offer limited and special editions from the Kit Kat Chocolatery in Japan.

Looking for a specific Kit Kat flavor? Hello Japan has what you need!⁠

Discover our Kit Kat monthly box and many more food boxes on our website!

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