What is Affiliation ?

By becoming affiliate with My Japan Box, you will be the owner of a link, redirecting to My Japan Box site, which is located in the “Become an affiliate” section, in the “Marketing” section, here. Affiliation allows you to earn a commission on all products purchased by customers who clicked on your link instead of typing it on Google for example. Therefore, the more people see your link, more affiliation will have its effect.

My Japan Box Affiliation has a system of levels: You can sponsor a person who wants to become an affiliate, so that person will become one of your affiliate of your first level. In addition, if this affiliate sponsors a new person, that person will become an affiliate of your second level.

Informations about affiliation

You need to :

– Go to the “Become an affiliate” at the bottom of the homepage, Here.

– Fill in the requested information.

You became an affiliate in just few clicks! You can find your affiliate link in the “Marketing” section of your affiliate account.

It is possible to earn commissions through the affiliation system, with conditions:

– 5% of commissions received for all boxes sold through your affiliate link.

– For 20 boxes sold through your affiliate link, we offer 4 coupons of 5 € each, or 20€ directly transferred in your affiliate account.

– For 100 boxes sold via your affiliate link, a coupon of 250 € offered applicable on the websites MyJapanBox, HelloJapan Shop, TokyoStreetStyle (On several of them is ok) or 250€ directly transferred in your affiliate account.

– For 200 boxes sold via your affiliate link, a round trip France-Japan offered !

– For 300 boxes sold via your affiliate link, a round trip France-Japan offered + Accommodation + a coupon of 50€ applicable on the website of HelloJapan Shop and the one of its partners. (MJB, TSS)

– For any sponsorship of a new affiliate, 3 € offered.

There are conditions on affiliation levels.

– Initially, it is only possible to earn commissions on your first and second affiliate levels.

– The commission on purchases made by first level affiliates is 5%.

– The commission on purchases made by second level affiliates is 4%.

– Possibility to receive commissions on its 3rd level from 1000€ of products sold per month, via your affiliate link : 3% for this level.

– It is impossible to earn money from his 4th level and +.

– The limit on the number of first level affiliates is unlimited.

It is possible to see the rate of your commissions growing up.

– Regularly are updated punctual challenges which can allow for a higher rate of your commissions.

– The Crazy Sundays: For all boxes sold on Sunday (GMT schedule), commissions increase from 5 to 7%.

As far as commissions are concerned:

– We pay every 10th of the following month. Ex: Commissions for June will be paid on July 10th.

– Payment is done via PayPal.

– Commissions can be transferred to your bank account if they reach the limit of €50 in the case of a local bank (Japan) and €250 for an international transfer.

– For any problems relating to these payment methods, let us know as soon as possible.

We will give you some informations to help you optimize your highlights which will be sent regularly by email: new offers, promotional offers, top sales, special events …